This research was made possible by support from our major funder, the New Zealand Law Foundation’s Information Law & Policy Project, with additional research funding from the Luminate Group.

The New Zealand Law Foundation – Te Manatū a Ture o Aotearoa – provides grants for legal research, public education on legal matters and legal training. The Information Law & Policy Project (ILAPP) funds projects that will better prepare New Zealand for the challenges of the information age. The project is intended to support the growth, understanding and resilience of New Zealand and prepare the country for future digital competence. It will support and feed into work the public and private sector is undertaking, but will remain independent.

The Luminate Group is a global philanthropic organisation with the goal of empowering people and institutions to work together to build just and fair societies. They fund and support projects that will help people participate in and shape the issues affecting their lives, and make those in power more transparent, responsive, and accountable. Their focus is on civic empowerment, data & digital Rights, financial transparency, and independent media.

The research team on this project was lead by Marianne Elliott (The Workshop) and included Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw (The Workshop), Dr Kathleen Kuehn (Victoria University of Wellington), Dr Leon Salter (Massey University) and Ella Brownlie (The Workshop). Project management was provided by Jay Brooker (The Workshop). The quantitative survey was conducted by UMR Market Research.

We particularly want to thank all the participants in the interviews for this research. They volunteered their time on this project, brought both goodwill and clear thinking to the unreasonably broad scope of the research, and responded rapidly to our requests for feedback. This kind of generosity and rigour across the sector gives us hope that with more investment in research and a more joined-up government approach to the subject, New Zealand will be able to contribute substantially to an urgently needed global collaboration on solutions.